THE ORIGINAL HYDROTRON: The original HYDROTRON was a pioneer in non-chemical water treatment and is the only system that has remained in production and service for over 80 years. The reason for its longevity and success is due to its development with ongoing improvements being refined and perfected by N.A.S.A. scientists.

NO RISK GUARANTEE: We understand your desire for peace of mind to be assured that the HYDROTRON System will give the results that you expect for your application and under your operating conditions. To remove any buyers risk, we insure your satisfaction of the HYDROTRON’S effectiveness by offering a no obligation – no risk guarantee.

PRICING: HYDROTRON water treatment is based on the same principal as the industry wide standard for chemical water treatment. Just as there is a monthly cost for chemicals, there is a monthly cost for HYDROTRON water treatment.

HYDROTRON water treatment is offered on a fixed monthly lease basis with no capital investment or fluctuating seasonal costs. We guarantee our equipment with a never ending lifetime warranty. There is never any additional cost to the customer for repairs or replacement of equipment. The customer is responsible for HYDROTRON equipment installation.

NOTHING TO LOSE: Considering all of the great benefits, HYDROTRON non-chemical water treatment remains more economical than chemical treatment. If your company uses chemicals for its water treatment with unsatisfactory results, give the HYDROTRON a try!