Water Treatment System

Scale Prevention and Removal in Pipes

The HYDROTRON System provides Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Scale Prevention and Removal in Pipes. The HYDROTRON is for Commercial and Industrial Businesses. If You have Questions Call David at 281-470-6770 or Send an Email to hydrotron@comcast.net

PREVENTS SCALE: The HYDROTRON makes no chemical change in the water. The change is electrophysical in effect. The minerals (solids) in the water, especially where a change in temperature causes a change in solubility, precipitate out of solution as a silt rather than bonding to surfaces as a cement-like scale.

REMOVES EXISTING SCALE: Scale that has previously formed and is existing within a water system will become porous and will destructure, leaving a clean surface.

HYDROTRON TREATED WATER REMAINS POTABLE: Since no chemicals are used in HYDROTRON water treatment, water that is potable to begin with, remains potable. Therefore, HYDROTRON treated water is safe to use in raw food production, all aspects of the beverage industry, ice production, ice cream and dairy plants, slaughter houses and anywhere else potable water is used. That is why many manufacturing and process plants install a HYDROTRON system on the wellhead or water main, thereby protecting the piping throughout the entire plant.

Tomato Processing Plant
Dei Fratelli: Tomato Processing Plant

PROTECTS ENVIRONMENT: Unlike the past, today any water that can be lost or discharged back to nature has an environmental requirement to meet. These considerations have voided many of the old dependable chemical treatment systems which were relied on for so long. They are now totally unacceptable. The HYDROTRON does not change the chemistry of the water at all. It physically effects the calcium ion so that the calcium precipitates out as it must, but as a talc-like substance which does not bind into a hard scale formation. Nothing is added or removed from the water. Therefore the water remains safe when returned to the environment. The HYDROTRON is a world-class “Green” earth-friendly water conservation system.

AUTOMATIC OPERATION: The HYDROTRON works continuously with no timers or other moving parts and works with high or low water volume. The HYDROTRON requires no metering, measuring or water testing. The only in-house maintenance is a periodic observation of the control, with a minor adjustment of the dial.

COST EFFECTIVE ENTIRE PLANT PROTECTION: Although the HYDROTRON is routinely installed in recirculating systems, it also remains the most practical water treatment for “once-through” process water systems and entire plant piping. When large quantities of water are used once and not recirculated, HYDROTRON scale prevention and removal is the most cost effective water treatment available.

THE HYDROTRON SYSTEM: The energy required to accomplish good results is amazingly small, but it must be exact, reliable and capable of operator control. This brilliant technology is what has made this original HYDROTRON system reliable with over 80 years of consistent, predictable and proven results when other systems have come and gone.

Before and After
Before and After